Sum Visible Cells Only

  • I have various spreadsheets that have rows hidden with data that I do not want included in the totals. Because of multiple header lines in the worksheets, the use of filters is not practical. Is there a formula that I can use that will sum only the visible cells? Thanks in advance for any help on this.

  • Re: Sum Visible Cells Only

    Hi Keith

    Check out the Excel Help on SUBTOTAL - if you have hidden these rows through normal hiding (ie rather than thru Autofilter) I think you need:


    but confirm this in the excel help first.

    Best regards


  • Re: Sum Visible Cells Only

    Quote from shg

    Be aware that it will still sum hidden columns.

    Wonder how that happened ...

    Yes - it does make you wonder why MS would design it that way. Fair enough that a traditional data structure dictates fields in columns and records in rows, but really was there any need to include hidden columns?

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