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  • No way I will change my keyboard
    Keytronic Cordless Black :cool:

    Since I like it so much I recently bought two new in case they will drop the product next time I need a new keyboard :biggrin:

    No, it's not due coffee or anything like that but since I'm "banging" more then 12 hours / day on the keyboard the lifecycle is heavily reduced.

    BTW, according to realiable sources closed to the company the will send You a free product for above message :biggrin:

    Kind regards,

  • That's like a less flexible idea than the shortcut strips that you used to get with BBC Electron programs. You would put a strip of commands that fit over the Function keys and it would tell you what that function button would do. e.g. cut/copy/paste were the popular commands for the Word Processor app.

  • Oh c'mon... It looks pretty cool to me.

    Less flexible? You must not have really LOOKED at what the product is.

    If you're only looking at the Excel keyset you're not doing it justice!

    Look at the other stuff it has:

    Let's see the base unit is $19.99
    Then the Excel keyset is another $14.95
    Not too bad...

    If you look more into the product you'll see it supports multiple keysets! That IS pretty cool. (keep in mind, they're altering the keyboard into a more intuitive interface in many cases that goes quite a bit beyond a cardboard overlay)

    I see this as probably more of a plus for gamers (like myself) who have at one time or another dreamed about having a "special" keyboard interface that looked perhaps just like the controls of a favorite flight sim cockpit. How many times have I had to pause a game because I couldn't remember which button was eject.

    I guess you have to be a gaming nerd to really 'preciate what they're trying to do here.

    I'm actually far less interested in it as a tool for Excel and more interested in it for gaming. They've only been around since May and they already have quite a few keysets. I'll be monitoring them to see if they include some of my favorite PC games.

    OOOoooohhh... that Crossfire keyset looks REALLY cool!

    Cool gadget, thanks for mentioning it!

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