Formulas: Advanced Filters

  • I have attached a spreadsheet with information that I would like to break down by the top 10 people in three different categories.

    I need to find out the top 10 for people under colums:

    I hope you can help me design a filter to place these top 10 people to the right of this worksheet

  • Cronina - I think we currently have a problem with attaching files. i.e. it doesn't work.

    I'm hoping it gets fixed ASAP.

    I guess it will be difficult to solve your issue wiithout seeing the file so try to bear withus.


  • Name FirstCol SecondCol ThirdCol 4thCol
    Name One 7 $13 136 $189
    Name Two 3 $10 112 $398
    Name Three 1 $18 158 $115
    Name TwoThousand etc...

    This is sort of how the data is set up and I need to find out who the top 10 people for each of the four colums are. If this helps great.

  • Hi Cronina,

    Try the following macro - it just uses the built in AutoFilter function with the "Top 10" selection then copy and paste the results to the right. (Assumes your data is in Col A - E)


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