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  • Hello All.

    I'm trying to write some code to rotate a line by an amount specified in a cell. Each time this amount changes I want the bottom of the line to remain fixed so the line acts rather like that on a speedometer etc. However, the line moves each time and I can't work out the logic or how the AddLine parameters work and am stumped as to how to achieve this.

    Please could anyone help?

    My code so far is below:

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    Just merged some code form here:

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    Thanks for the suggestion. It looks very jolly but just spins the line round in a complete circle. If I limit the For..Next loop I just get the same problem in that the line won't stay fixed at any point.

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    I just figured it might get you on the right path. I'm leaving work in about 2 minutes, but if you haven't gotten by tomorrow I'll play around with it too.

    I can see some nice uses with this. I've never used the autoshapes, but this could be modified to generate a "simpler" version of an Xcelsius report maybe. I don't know, good luck.

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    Andy Pope: quick and dirty it may be but that is very clever and will do for my purposes.

    The vector class links don't appear to be working so I might contact Aaron about that.

    Thanks again.

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