Formula Not Recalculating When Dragged

  • Hey, every once in awhile I have trouble using the =Concatenate() or =(A1&B1) to combine data in one cell. It will work for the first cell but then when I drag the equation it gives me the exact same result as the first cell. But when I click to look at the formula it looks good and when I hit Enter the cell reads the correct value. So I have to open each individual cell and hit enter. What is goin on here. I have attached a small example.
    Also, sometimes I will type in a formula and hit enter and it just displays the formula. It does not return a value. Any ideas?

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    You have calculation set to manual so formulae results are not automatically updated. You can change this via Tools > Options > Calculation. Also, I think you have some odd formatting in column C.

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    Your file works OK for me - all concatenation works. This issue has something to do with cell formats but can't quite remember exactly what

    Make sure you haven't formatted cells as TEXT

    You could also try Edit>Replace = with =

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    Will, you were able to drag the =Concatenate down and all the cells updated correctly?
    What format should I put them in? General? Do I just highlight everything and go to Format Cells, General?

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    Yes to both... and also you may try

    Edit>Replace = with =

    To quickly re-affirm the formulas AFTER reformatting the cells

    I didn't think you had an issue with calculation settings... it opened in mine as Automatic

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    Got it.
    I dont know what the deal is but I just drag the equation then go to Tools-Options-Recalculate and it works.
    It is someone elses spreadsheet so I guess they have some different settings.
    thanks for the quick help.

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