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  • Hi,

    In the attched Workbook you'll find two tables (Original & Requested).

    I tied my best to display the requested but it works OK only for unique values which may not always be uniqe.

    Please help me with the appropriate formulas in Rabge A10:B24.
    (The formulas in C10:C24 seems to work OK for all kind of values)

    Thanks in advance,

  • Re: Transposing Table Layout

    in a10:
    [frc]=INDEX($A$2:$A$4,INT(1+(ROW()-ROW($A$10))/COLUMNS(PROPERTIES)))[/frc]in B10:
    [frc]=INDEX($B$1:$F$1,MOD(ROW()-ROW($A$10),COLUMNS(PROPERTIES))+1)[/frc]in C10:
    and copy down all three, so that all the formulae in a single column are the same.
    These are NOT array formulae.

  • Re: Transposing Table Layout

    If you like to try vba, paste the code onto sheet module.

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