• I have a spreadsheet with info in columns A and B. I need a formula that will retrieve what is in col. A and col. B and place them both in column D with a space or 2 between the contents of column A and Column B.


  • Something like this?

    =TEXT(A6,"$0.00") & " & " & TEXT(B6,"$0.00")

    Depends how you want to format your data though


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  • Just put this formula into the cell that should have the combined info:

    =A1 & " " & B1

    (this uses the "&" to patch it all together)
    You can put whatever spaces or commas that you want, then, in between the quotes.

  • If you are using dates and or numbers you may need to use a combination of the both above suggestions. depends on the data. If its a first and last name then tvsmvp's suggestion is OK.

    If its text plus a date then Iridium's suggestion is more likely to work using a date format eg something like

    =A1 & " " & TEXT(B1,"DD-MM-YY")


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  • you might want to include an "IF" statement along the following lines to get rid of leading spaces.

    =IF(A1=" ", B1, A1 & " " & B1)

    And incorporate the formatting stuff where A1 & " " & B1 occurs above.


  • Damn, why do I hit "post reply" and immediately think of something else?

    Instead of the "IF" statement you could enclose the lot in a "TRIM" statement which deletes leading, trailing and multiple occurences of spaces between words.


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