[Solved] XL files edited in 2 different folders, by 2 diffe

  • Hi and welcome to Ozgrid,

    There are a number of ways to merge 2 files - but could use a bit more info to determine which would work best for your applicaiton.

    Do both files have the same filename - just stored in different directories?
    Do both files have EXACTLY the same format - titles, fields, formats, worksheets, etc the same and in the same place?
    What type of data is in the 2 files - - is it 2 lists (like names/addresses) that you want to combine into 1 master list; or is it numbers that you want to add together and put to totals into the merged sheet?

    The file attachment feature is not working right now - so best you can to is explain all the details in a post.


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