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    I am trying to create a project on excel in which there exists four worksheets. I deleted "class 2-4" due to file size but are very similar. My question here is i need a macro to located the number from the "current" column in the Manual Input section in the "Main Page" worksheet. The current number must match column A into the appropriate sheet (depending on class) and then look for the volume in row 5 and then round up to the nearest number. My goal is to input the "proposed" number into the appropriate column and row. This will be done for four different classes. My goal is to develop this table so that i can look for trends.

    Eventaully i would like to concatenate multiple proposed values for each cell as the macro will need to add onto what is located in the cell should the value already exist. Code must be a module so it runs when ever data is entered in the current, proposed, and volume cells in the manual input.



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    I am trying to answer your query but it is confusing. Can you explain what you want output.


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    Hi eflores

    Here is the first lookup - attached

    I'm not to sure about the rest and how it works??


    Hey eflores

    Now I know what you require - Enter a value in the main sheet - click a button and it will populate the worksheet
    THE ZIPPED "Data Entry " File
    The basic are in and it will get you started in understanding formula and code
    all the other stuff is to check if the cell has already had a value entered - But there are better ways
    :sheep:[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]This is easier understand and for you to copy for all the other sheets[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]Attached file "Data Entry One"

    I8 has the Formula
    =LEFT(ADDRESS(5,MATCH(E8,'Class 1'!A5:CG5,1)),LEN(ADDRESS(5,MATCH(E8,'Class 1'!A5:CG5,1)))-2)&RIGHT(ADDRESS(MATCH(C8,'Class 1'!A1:A44,0),1),2)

    and commadbutton "Enter" Code

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim Donnut As String, NumberOne As Variant
    NumberOne = Worksheets("Main Sheet").Range("D8").Value
    Donnut = Worksheets("Main Sheet").Range("i8").Value
    Worksheets("Class 1").Range(Donnut).Value = NumberOne
    End Sub


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