Get Current Date In VBA

  • I have a calendar in my spreadsheet that returns a date selected to a cell that is active.
    When the user clicks cell D40 in worksheet Surcharges, I use a Worksheet_SelectionChange event to show the calendar. When the user selects a date it returns the date in that cell.
    Problem is I want to limit the user to select a date no more than 90 days from today's date.
    I was having a problem using today() in the vba code.
    When i enter todays date in cell E39 (-today()) and use the code below it works:

    But when I try to use the today() function below I get errors:

    What am I doing wrong? I would prefer to avoid putting =today() in a cell and refer to it. Is that even possible?

  • Re: Today() In Vba Code

    Below is the code that REALLY works! I even have the calendar coming up if the date is out of range to re-select

    Quote from turtle44

    In VBA use "Date" to get current date, not "Today".

    'x = date(today())
    'replace the code above with the following:

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