Text Truncated Using Tab as Delimiter Importing Text File

  • Hi,

    I have a puzzling problem. The attached file is contains a single record from a much larger tab delimited text file. When I attempt to open this file in Excel using File->Open and select 'Delimited', then on the next screen, make sure Tab is selected then click finish, this particular line is truncated immediately after the 'next' at 'next adjacent'.

    I have checked the text with a hex editor to see if there are any control characters there but nope:

    [FONT="Courier New"]0C69:0200 6E 20 74 68 65 20 6E 65-78 74 20 61 64 6A 61 63 n the next adjac[/FONT]

    There are much longer lines than this in the file that load correctly. Any one have any ideas why this is happening ?

    The file itself is a list of texts used in a web site that are being made available for translation. The format is Record_type, Message Number, empty, Message Text.

    Please note that the text file does contain HTML tags.

    I'm using Excel 2000 (9.0.2720)



  • Re: Open Tab Delimited File Via Menu Losing Data

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    Kind of hard to tell when you sample doesn't even contain the offending line, don't you think?

    It does.....

    '03 '0623 [div class="help"]Open the file using Excel and arrange the columns in the best format for yourself - either word wrapped or just one single line. (Some of the lines are quite long so wrapping the text is the best). Enter the translated text in the next adjacent column which is column E.[br][br]You will also find that there is HTML embedded in the text in various places (for example this help text has div's all over the place). Due to the semantics of your language you may have to move these but please do not alter them![br][br]The columns of the file are:[ul][li]Column 'A': The record type for the row.[/li][li]Column 'B': Screen name or message number.[/li][li]Column 'C': Screen field or help paragraph number.[/li][li]Column 'D': The text[/li][/ul]Dependant on the record type the row may then contain:[ul][li]A Record Header or Footer[/li][li]Character Set Information[/li][li]Screen texts[/li][li]Help Texts[/li][li]Messages[/li][li]or Http Targets[/li][/ul][/div]

    (I've replace all the chevrons with square brackets so it does not cause problems)


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    Quote from Parsnip

    Hi Rich

    Opens up correctly for me with no obvious truncation (ie text in Notepad is the same as in Excel), but I am using xl2003 so maybe that's a difference?


    Quite a big one I'd say, but it's strange.... Anyone else out there got 2000 ?


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