Insert Line Break In Formula Result

  • I am referencing tasks (text only) from multiple worksheets by date into a lookup table. The dates are listed in column A with tasks in cloumn B. I am then using vlookup to pull the tasks to another worksheet formatted as a calendar. All are in the same workbook. Some dates have multiple tasks from different worksheets. I am using "&" to concatenate and place all tasks (text) into the respective cell per the date. I need to insert a line break (similar to Alt + Enter) between each task to start a new line each time within the same cell in the calendar worksheet. Is there a way to do this with a formula? Thank you

  • Re: Insert Line Break Via Formula

    Thx for your reply Andy but I am missing something. Here is a formula example =Inventory!E4&Training!E4, pulling two tasks from two diff worsheets into my lookup table. I need the new line either before or after the "&" but keep getting errors. Thx again

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