Charts: Data Point Labels/Tips in XY Scatter Plots

  • Excel 2000's XY Scatter charts do not permit using a 3rd column of data (Z) to be inserted as chart tips or labels. I am interested in inserting chart tips - these are the hidden descriptors that are displayed (names and/or values) when the mouse pointer is on a data point. I don't like labels because they cause too much screen clutter. Anyone know of any such utility ? I've tried the one at appspro but that one only does labels, not the chart tips. I'd like to know if the ozgrid labeler add-in can do this. If you want more explanation, you can see the Excel chart tips selections under Tools/Options, then the Chart tab; the tips selections are at the bottom. The names and values selectors refer to the Name and X-Value fields used on the chart under Source Data/Series tab, but Name does not work using the XY Scatter plot (the X-value is used as the chart tip, not the Name).

  • Thanks for the advice. Hover Chart gets me part of the way there but still uses labels not tips (I have almost 2000 points that are plotted, some densely, so screen clut5ter is a big problem with labels). I wonder if the tips are accessible from VBA or not at this point. I would think someone would have tried it in VBA by now if it were possible.

  • I don't believe it is possible to control the chart tips contents.

    It should be possible to use an approach similiar to the Hover Label. Where only the one label is displayed when appropriate. Formatted to look like a tip.

    Would it be of any use if I explored the possiblilty?


  • Andy,

    Yes it would ! Doubtless I will be using this charting method again, so when I have more time I'd like to check out VB methods myself. Thanks...

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