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  • Hi all

    I opened an email attachment (excel file), made tons of changes, clicked save (the disk button on the standard toolbar) and closed excel.

    I thought I had "saved as" to my specific location, but I didn't. Now I want to open the file I saved but can't find it. What is the path these files are saved at? I tried C:Documents and Settings/MyName/Local Settings/Temp....but it is not there. A search on the C drive by file name showed no results. There are numerous other server drives, but I can't imagine them being there and haven't tried a search on them

    Any responses appreciated.

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    Hi Joseph,

    A quick check of my email attachments show that they are stored at the following path on my system:

    C:\Documents and Settings\MyName\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKD


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    Open an email with an attachment. Open the attachment and then try to "Save As".

    The resulting dialogue box should show you where your PC saves these temp files. This folder is temporary though, re-boot and it may be empty.


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    Thanks for the replies.

    I have tried that John and my path is C:Documents and Settings/MyName/Local Settings/Temp
    I opened a test attachment and saved via the standard toolbar and went to that path...the file is not there. There are other files there that I recognize as old attachments. Part of me thinks there are certain conditions that have to be met besides just opening and clicking save to actually put it there. /shrug

    Any further replies would simply help to feed my knowledge and curiosity, as I have replicated the "lost" file at this point.

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    I now believe this is the path with my file, with the exception my last folder is a different set of 4 letters. I printed an attachment today and this path was shown at the bottom where a footer has been setup to show the path.

    Note: I have changed folder options to show hidden folders. I tried navigating to this folder in excel, no Temporary Internet Files folder was visible. I then went to Start>>>Explore and was able to navigate to the Temporary Internet Files folder, but there was no OLKD folder within. I then went to the address bar and typed in the \OLKD hit enter and voila, the folder appeared. The file in question was not there, but I believe it was deleted as johncc suggested. I don't know why the folder was not easy to access, I'm on a work computer so maybe it is some kind of prevention/protection thing IT has, but I'm just assuming.

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