Chart With Camera Results In Additional Image

  • Hi all -

    I am attempting to stack 2 are charts on top of one another
    It seems to me the only way I could do this is to:

    • anchor the charts into respective cells so same size
    • format second chart so all plot area, axes formatted invisible
    • Use the camera tool to take image of the cell with second area chart
    • Align the image over the first area chart

    Works well, except there appear to be some small grey bars in the image that should not be there.
    Do you have any idead why this is happening and how to remove them?
    Any other suggestions to improve the charts would be most welcome as well

    Please PM me is you would like the sample workbook
    Zip is 126KB

    -marc[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]Solved.

    I just had to choose the correct Area Chart Subtype to get stacked area charts (one in front of another) The left upper most chart subtype in the area charts gave me what I needed


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