Formulas: Showing a name from a list created using drop down

  • When I select Project Team in step 4 over cell D11, I would like to show the same selected value in cell D18. What is function to do that. Pull down menu in over cell D11 was created by: View - toolbars - forms to activate forms menu and then selecting one of the forms menu functions.

    Attached is the file that shows what I have done.


  • Attachments are not working these days. However if you want the value in D11 to show in D18, why not use the formula =D11. I obviously missing something by not seeing your attachment. If you are selecting from a control, then can you link it to cell D18?

  • good idea

    However, all it gives is the array number (the number that the item is in the list)

    If I connect the connect to d18 and the member of the list I chose is the 6th element, then 6 will show.

    If I want to display what the item is (Cars for example) how would I convert the number 6 to Cars (like you can in VBA)?

  • Where is your data for the drop down and what does it consist of? For instance as Derk says if you have a drop down menu that has a list for its source e.g cars, boats,planes then if you use =D11 in D18, then select cars in your list you should have cars pulled through to D18.

    Why not create a list called Teams, this could be on another sheet if you want, and enter all your team names or whatever.Now select D11, open the Data menu and choose Validation. In the Allow box select list, then in the Source box type =Teams.This should give you your drop down selection and the formula already mentioned for D18 will match the entry in D11.

  • I actually suggested that to my co-worker, which he did.

    However, since I did not know how to return the value from that type of list, I needed to find out.

    would the Index function work in this situation?

  • You can use the index function. Have the item number that is selected returned to some cell using the link feature, say to cell D17 (or to some hidden sheet). Then in D18 use the formula

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