• Hi Guys

    Ive been working on this database over the past day or 2 at work.
    Quite simple database, where you can add, view, edit and delete a record.

    I am using it for people who have a policy (or policies) with my work. You can obviously play about with the fields to suit your needs.

    I thought I would share it since some of you were kind enough to help me with it.

    I will be updating it over the next few days, so if you have any ideas for improvement etc all feedback welcome.

    I know the code isnt as economical as it could be, but thats one of the things I will be working on (no expert with VBA)


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    Quote from wanglong1312;528155

    It is just awesome, love it.

    Thanks ;)

    I have a more up to date version, if your still interested let me know and ill open it up and post it

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    Hello and I hope you are all good. I really need your help.
    dodger put together a great database which he posted to the forum. I think it is brilliant and have been trying to modify it for my own personal use. I am new to excel and this has been a real learning curve. I picked up how you put it together, how it works. But the find and delete part really throws me.
    I have expanded the data entry form to hold more fields, and different fields, I have changed their titles also. These are logged on the worksheet fine when I click submit. But, when I go to 'find' for example, and search for a record, the field descriptions that show in the search results box are the ones the author set up originally. How do I change the descriptors (on the very left of the box) in the 'find' results box?
    Please help, and thanks so much for your time.

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    It's a nice DB file, it has a very nice front end display, however it's hard to edit the VIEW/EDIT RECORD, even from VB: FORMS, VIEWRECORD, I can't see this as a USERFORM, and the edit I've made to this code doesn't change the available fields.
    How to edit that, is normally just edit USERFORM, txt boxes, command boxes, and corresponding COL, ROW & CELL REFs.

    HOWEVER I've also made a nice DATABASE myself it's very easy to use, with detailed edit instructions for your own use, share it around, easily give this a nice front with some buttons, it's also in the OPEN SOURCE, HEY THAT's COOL:

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    Quote from TarExcel;628962

    5 years on, and this is still of so much help. Wonderful tool. Thanks Jamie.
    Would you pls share the upgrade?

    Hi Folks, nice looking database, I've added to it, hope the original authors don't mind. I amalgamated the front sheet with ADD or EDIT/SEARCH feature that I copied from another spreadsheet: 275 KB's

    Great spreadsheet, however:

    i). Needs DELETE records BUTTON adding into FRONT SHEET via seperate USERFORM (Or within SEARCH/EDIT)
    ii). AMEND SELECTION records (Search/Edit Record, search for surname example such as HOWDEN, left click surname found, Amend Selection appears on RIGHT HAND of USERFORM) creates double entry of same record (Pre-edit & After-edit), which is easily corrected by deleting row of Pre-edited record.

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    Good improvement, but it create search record each time when we click Search button, It should not create the double search record.

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    Further revision to DB so the 2 USERFORMS, ADD and EDIT/SEARCH, are easier to edit for your own versions.,EDIT&SEARCHcars.xls 220 KB's

    Also populated data and fields edited to be car specific!


    USERFORM2 OBJECT, just change the LABEL not the TEXT BOX.
    USERFORM2 CODE, Just edit where your last column on data ends in spreadsheet DATA, for example if just 5 columns:


    USERFORM3 OBJECT, just change the Option Button CAPTIONS not any of the TEXT BOXs.
    USERFORM3 CODE, To edit the COLUMNS searched edit the following column number in thw code between Select Case and End Select to your relevant COLUMNS:

    AMENDING ENTRY using USERFORM create dbl entry that must be deleted from DATA by deleting row.
    Search/Amend only displays 1st 6 rows, these fields are probably editable in the code above.

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