• Hello ,
    I have a block of hyperlinks arranged as a 5 * 5 square as an index to a worksheet . I have sorted the syntax for the hyperlinks but when I want to return to the index using the BACK button on the web toolbar if I had picked something in the third row then the first two rows of my square are hidden .Is there a way to tell EXCEL that I want to be able to see all of my 5 * 5 square.

  • Why is it marked solved when there have been no replies please and as a second thought how do I bring VIEWS to my computer Sorry if i'm being slow but ??

  • Hi bigbob,

    The quickest way around this problem is to put the hyperlinks on a different sheet.

    You could write your own routines to replace the hyperlinks and the Back button. But that could get messy.

    I not sure I understand the second question.


    how do I bring VIEWS to my computer



  • Re: hyperlinks

    Hi Bob

    thank you for taking out the time to provide an answer, but answering topics of 3.5 years old isn't just that much worth. Focus on the 'live' threads to help others. I am locking this one.

    Thank you.




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