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  • I've never used Mail Merge before so this is something new to me. What I am trying to do is create 2 labels each day that will contain 1) Company Name, 2) Branch info, 3) Date, 4) deposit amount. Since I am only creating 2 labels each day I need a way to designate which 2 labels to use on the sheet. I'm aware that this is very, very general; perhaps someone can direct me to a web site that covers Mail Merge & VBA...

  • More info would make this an easier task, however I think one route would be to use the advanced filter functionality in Excel to specify your two "records" to merge & then use the mail merge feature to print them.

    Out of how many records do you need to filter your two "relevant" records for each day? How is the data set up in Excel... i.e. are the fields as you describe in your post.

    If your output in Excel (of your filtered records) is a named range, Word should be able to pick up the records....

    Post back with more info - also you could do a search of "Advanced Filter" over the forums here to get some good examples of how to construct your filter...

    Hope this helps,


  • Actually, the way the merge would work is to pull the data from the same cells each day. The only info that would change from day to day is the deposit amounts. The location of this data will not change, but the values will. Next I need to pass the data to MS Word & print 2 labels using the next available lables on the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.
    As I said, I have never used MM before, so I don't even know the basics. How do you call Word & pass info? How do you tell it what types of labels you are using? How do you tell it which labels have already been used, etc?

  • For the Basic part of your question;
    open a new Word document
    on the toolbar choose "Tools"
    then "Mail Merge"
    This opens a "wizard" that can walk you through setting up your mail merge. You can choose labels or form letters; choose or create your database all from this box.
    If you have an existing database you need to make sure it is set up properly. Excel is a great place to set one up- use the first Row for HEADERS and start your information in the next row.
    The WIZARD will ask you what fields you want on your labels. You can type in any names you want and add them. They should match the HEADERS from your database.

    Then the WIZARD will ask you what size labels you want to use and let you choose the field names to put in your document.

    The WIZARD is pretty cool.

    For the rest of your question, I am afraid you'll have to wait for someone with more experience.
    Hope the WIZARD helps you get started

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