Controls (Control Toolbox): Placing controls in a F

  • Please can someone tell me how to place a control into a Frame control properly. I've tried and tried but as soon as I switch off design-view the controls are 'behind' the Frame.


  • Hi Ted,

    By Frame control, I assume you mean a text box? In which case, I don't think you can put anything else in there. You probably have to use a userform if you want multiple controls.


  • Hi Ted -
    Get into the Visual Basic Editor (Alt-F11), then from the insert menu, select UserForm. You can develop the form with any number of controls and text that links to cells on the worksheets.
    Then you'll need a macro to activate or display the userform like:

    Sub ShowTheForm()
    End Sub

    Check the VBA Help files under "Userform".


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