[Solved] Inserting Worksheets

  • I've just recently upgraded from XL98 to XL 2002. Why is it that in XL 2002 when I insert a worksheet I now get Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3. In XL98 I would only get Sheet1.

    This sounds like a very basic setup issue, but I can't find where to set it to insert only 1 sheet.


  • Can't replicate your error - tried Insert>Worksheet and right-clicking on a sheet tab and chose Insert... Worksheet and only got a single sheet added. Hmmm...

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  • Quote

    Why is it that in XL 2002 when I insert a worksheet I now get Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3

    Do you really mean "Insert a new Worksheet" ? Or do you mean "Open a new Workbook"

    I, like Iridium could not reproduce an instance of inserting multiple sheets, however when you Open a New Workbook, you have some degree of control over how many blank sheets are in the workbook.

    This can be set by selecting the TOOLS|OPTIONS menu & the General tab...

    Here you will find an option labelled Sheets in New Workbook and you can reset this to a value of 1 if you so desire.

    Hope this helps,


  • Yes, I really mean "Insert a new Worksheet". Same as you, my first thought was the General tab, "Sheets in Workbook". But that didn't make a difference.

    Since no one can replicate this (and it truly is happening...I've got witnesses!! :) , I guess I'll contact my Tech Support and have Excel re-installed. I was just hoping that one of you "specialists" out there might have some insight.


  • Cos I was bored (and I apologise cos this won't help you MJE)

    I put the following in the Workbook Module

    Private Sub Workbook_NewSheet(ByVal Sh As Object)
    End Sub

    And then inserted a new worksheet...

    244 sheets later :biggrin: :biggrin: the code bugged out..... did it again :biggrin: :biggrin: eventually, after inserting 4 sheets i had 861 before Excel crashed & burned

    Sorry - it just amused me.... and if you ever want 850 sheets and only want to click inser worksheet 4 times I guess the code might be useful.....

    Ah well...

    Sorry I couldn't offer a better solution :biggrin:


  • Hi mje,

    One possible cause of this is a file called Sheet.xlt or Sheet.xls in your XLStart folder.

    This will be used when doing the Insert Worksheet.
    Now all the sheets from this workbook will be inserted into your workbook. So if it has 3 sheets, 3 sheets will be added.


  • Andy,

    That was it! I must have been diddling around with templates at some point and didn't realize that it would affect my "real" work!

    At least Will was able to amuse himself for awhile creating 244 sheets!! :tumble:



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