[Solved] Charts: Columns into rows

  • Can someone please tell me have to change a column into a row. Has something to do with arrays but I have no idea how it should be done - I tried to follow one web tutorial but it didn't get me anywhere - can someone please tell me step by step how to do this - I would be very greatful. Thank you

  • I'm a bit confused by your question. Since it is under the Charts section of the forum, are you asking to change a column chart to a horizontal bar chart? If so, right cick on the chart and select Chart Type from the dialog box. Then pick Bar and teh style you want.

    If you want to transpose an array of cells, select the cells in question, then select the cell you want to be the op left corner of the transposed array, and do a PASTE SPECIAL > the Transpose button clicked. If this causes probelms with equations, you can also check the Values button to paste the only the cells values (not the formulas).

    If this misses the mark on what youare askng, please post back.

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