Workbook Macro To Check Empty Cells

  • I am wanting help regarding excel. I have many cells in different sheets of a workbook. I sometimes have either saved or printed out without realising some critical cells should have been filled but weren't.
    I presume I need a macro that will check these critical cells and give a warning with the option of ignoring or filling in the appropriate cells.

    Is this possible? Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Re: Workbook Macro To Check Empty Cells

    Depth Thick Purpose No. Length

    70 x 35 Strapping (E3) 5400
    70 x 35 Ribbon Plate (E4) 5400
    70 x 35 B/Veneer Runner 5400
    70 x 35 Random 20 5100
    140 x 35 Capping
    140 x 35 Valley Board
    70 x 45 Random
    69 x 47 Purlins
    90 x 35 Random 1 25000
    90 x 45 Random 1 80000

    If I print this sheet out or save .xls file, I would like to have a warning that cell E3 and E4 have not got a value.
    All other empty cells in column E are ok to be empty or to have a value, but I must have a warning for E3 and E4.


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