Mail Merge Help needed - Excel as database

  • Hi tradertt,

    I am assuming you have 4 columns for each record and each record is on a row.
    Make sure the first row is a header row containing a fieldname. As word will use this in the mail merge.

    It should then be fairly straight forward to produce a mail merge in Word.

    From word choose Tools > Mail merge
    follow the steps using your excel file as the data source.
    When you choose the label type you want you should then be able to add the fields from your excel file.
    These can be positioned in a stack as your want.

    Hope this helps. Post back if you are still stuck, or I have mis understood.


  • Two possible solutions.

    1. Within Excel use the Text to columns to put the text into separate columns.

    2. Within word use the replace option after the mail merge.
    Replacing , with ^l
    that is a comma with the Manual Line break character.


  • Hi,

    Easiest way is to do a CTRL+H to display the Find & Replace Dialog.
    Click the More button.
    Click the Special button to display a list.
    From the list Select Manual Line Break.
    Use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to move it from the Find to the Replace box.
    Put comma in the Find box.


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