VBA dictionary entry :

  • a computer guy / astronomer based at Berkely COllege, SF, who discovers a 1 cent discrepancy in his accounting records on a unix system

    the discrepancy is due to a hacker not covering his tracks

    he then "makes it personal" and embarks on a mission to track the hacker down - it takes a couple of years and at every stage of the way he just encounters hostility from the NSA, the FBI and the CIA

    all he really wants to do is build models about planetary orbits and oortscloud asteroid dispersion, but he gets totally sucked into the hacker thing

    its a true story, written when the internet was still the arpan-net (?) and nobody in authority viewed computer crime as serious, and when Berkely was the computer centre of the universe, before Microsoft and Silicon Valley

    he has a great sense of humour too, it's a great read

    Cliff Stohl "The Cuckoo's Egg"


  • eh hee yeah

    nahhh, the guy was using their account to then dialout to all the missile defence systems in N AMerica etc etc, laying trojan horses in sensetive areas so he could return at will...... it'll appeal to any unix guys as all the commands he uses to track and follow him online are unix - lots of good system stuff too

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