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  • Hi

    I am wanting to get my macros to work in MS Word. As when i sent my template to someone else the macros don't work or appear in their marco box when they open the file to complete the form.

    Any ideas how to get the marcos to attach to the file so that everyone can use the form with macros working?

    Thanks Matthew

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    What security settings do these "other people" have. Sounds to me like they have macros disabled. Either that or the macros are not part of the template.

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    Hi the other people have the macro settings same as me and they can get macros to work with other files. But at the moment i cannot get the macros to be part of the template, any ideas how to do this?


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    Have you saved the Macro's in the Current Document? Alot of the time they save in the Normal Document which is 'normally' stored on the users Drive (Can be networked)...

    Simple thing to do is Click Tools --> Customize and then select the command menu/buttons then click on Commands and check that the Save In is NOT Normal but your actual Document...



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    Cheers thats helped to get the marcos to appear when someone else opens the file on their computer

    BUT it says " compile error cannot find project or library" i have no idea what this means or how to slove this problem here,

    More help would be greatful


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    Yes it points the the project, new marcos, with highlighting 'INSFLD'

    (CODE) If ActiveDocument.FormFields("Text33").Result = "" Then
    sInFld = InputBox("The Department/Directorate field must be filled in, Please fill in below.")
    Loop While sInFld = ""
    ActiveDocument.FormFields("Text33").Result = sInFld
    End If (CODE)

    sorry to bother you again, i am not used macros in word before as i am used to using it in excel

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    Ah just realise the problem, it not working because the 'insfld' is not in the library with all the other macros (ie the active document is in the library, inputbox is in the library) . Is there anyway to add 'insfld' to the libary.

    Or another code that make sure that the form fields are not blank??

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