big spreadsheet locks up (out of memory error)

  • I have oodles of swapspace and about 500 mego ram.

    office 2000

    Spreadsheet is about 10 tabs three tabs devoted to pivot tables ranging from 8,000 to 24000 rows.

    The spreadsheet is approximately 45 meg with another spreadsheet opened with the working data that is approximately 50 meg.

    When I run the pivot table it blows up when it reaches about 140 columns across. 140~150 x 28,000 does not appear all that big for a pivot table.

    I can solve the problem by removing the data which increases its columns.

    How can I make the dang thing not run out of memory? the columns represent days and I need to be able to get near 200 days to make myself happy.

  • 45 meg is a reasonably hefty file but not the biggest I've seen. Not entirely ehat your problem is but had a search of the MS KB:Out of memory - any answers here?

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  • Having two large files open and with large pivot tables will push the RAM to the limit.

    I assume you've closed all other non essential applications - even those running inthe background to try and solve the problem.

    Have you considered using Access? I'm not an Access person but when you start crunching such big files it might be time to consider it.

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  • I consider using access all the time however I am weak in OLE.

    I need some of the functionality of excel to provide the final product with my skill set.

    Basically I have a few thousand index if formulas which provide me access to the pivot tables for graphing purposes.

    I click on a list box and up pops about 400 rows of material for my many graphs.

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