Free Tool - .net Co Library

  • Hi all

    I thought I would make a post here to let you know that my new free managed COM Add-in for Excel 2000 - 2007 now is available for download.

    The tool is rather unique (in addition to the fact that it's a 100 % managed COM add-in) as it allow you to store all kind of VBA code and reuse them whenever wanted.

    In addition, it can create workable connection string with .NET Wizard as well as with the Data Link Wizard. These connection strings can be stored and reused whenever wanted.

    I take this opportunity to explicit thanks Ken (Puls) and Ross (Mclean) for their kindness to be beta-testers of the tool.

    For more information and download please see:
    .NET Co Library

  • Re: Free Tool - .net Co Library

    Thanks - but small problem...
    The help for .net Co Library gives me a Navigation error. Can see the Contents and Index but no data on the right side.

    Help for your Help file Excel Loader does work - so I don't know what the difference is in how you set both the helps up.

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