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  • I have a local area network with a couple of hundred computers which share one internet connection. Each user has a CPE (customer premise equipment) with an assigned (by me) IP. This CPE connets to the users equipment via CAT5. My responsibility is to provide internet. Sometimes users call and say their comupter cannot access the internet. I need a quick way to see if the problem lies with my network or if the problem is with the customer's computer.

    It seems to me that if I could open my spreedsheet with all the network connections and user data and simply ping their IP I would see if the problem is with my equipment or the users.

    Column A of my spreedsheet has the actual IP addresses: thru and thru but not all are currently being used. Each row has distinct user account information.

    I have created a shortcut, named it PING106.bat and listed the target as %windir%\system32\ping.exe which I can click on and it runs. Next I inserted a hyperlink in A:107 and it does work (it brings up a DOS screen and pings three times then closes the DOS screen)... But there must be a better way. I don't want to create hundreds of shortcuts and insert hyperlinks to specific cells one at a time.

    It would be nice if I could click on a cell which contains an IP and know if that particular IP is up and reachable on my LAN.

    Thanks for any ideas,

    BTW as a heads up. If this PINGING can be done the next step is to output something which indicates if the link is up or down. the next step is to conditionally formatt the cell green/red. and to automate the process to run every couple of minutes.... but that is the stuff for another thread...

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    This will loop through the IP addresses in column A and color-code the cell to indicate internet access. You could adapt it to test a double-clicked cell.

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    Thanks Mike.


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    SHG - Nice Solution, shame the op has wasted everyones time by seeking a solution on multiple sites.

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    SHG - Nice Solution

    To be clear, I invented very little of it ...

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