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  • Hi All,

    I recently had a request for a better method of controlling multiple textboxes on a userform. "I have lots of textboxes on a userform I want the user to only be able to enter numbers in all of them!"

    The solution: Making use of a class module. The method below will alow you to handle the event for all textboxs at once without having to add events for each individual textbox on the form.

    Add a class module and name it "clsObjHandler"

    Add a userform with as many textboxes as necessary and the following code:

    Hope this helps someone out.

  • Re: Textbox Class Object

    Nice job, Reafidy!

    I'm going to have to ponder the code to understand it better, but do have one question: shouldn't

    Dim clsObject As New clsObjHandler


    Dim clsObject As clsObjHandler

    .. so that you don't create an orphaned instance of the class when clsObject is declared?

    Edit: Well, two questions: Would you explain how this line works:

    Set clsObject.Control = ctlLoop

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    Ahh silly me - Yes it certainly should be thanks.

    Im not very good at explaining things.

    Set clsObject.Control = ctlLoop

    it tells the class to handle events for the textbox.
    An alternative would be:

    Set clsObject.tbxCustom1 = ctlLoop

    and changing the withevents to public and removing the property set control:

    Public WithEvents tbxCustom1 As MSForms.TextBox   
    'Public Property Set Control(tbxNew As MSForms.TextBox)
    '    Set tbxCustom1 = tbxNew
    'End Property
  • Re: Textbox Class Object

    Reafidy sorry for digging up the thread, but I've got a question. In your example we've got 4 textboxes. What should I do if I want put value for example
    from TextBox1 to cell A1,
    from TextBox2 to cell A2,
    from TextBox3 to cell A3
    and so on.

    I came up with

    row = Right(tbxCustom1.Name, 1)

    and use it later as

    cells(row, 1).value = tbxCustom1.value

    but it's very non proffesional way :D

  • Hello Reafidy ...:wink:

    Just discovered you very handy TextBox class ...!!!

    Like it very much ...

    Thanks a lot Reafidy :smile:

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