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    I have a distribution list of people to receive holiday greeting cards. In each cell is a customer's name, and their address below, like you would see on a postal letter. The range is 3 columns and around 150 rows - A1:C150. The problem is that I need these in alphabetical order going across and then down. So A1 first, then B1, C1, A2, B2, etc. I have attached an example showing original data and desired results.

    A formula would be ideal, but a VBA solution would also be good.


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    Dear joseph,

    I would advise you store your data in separate worksheet like normal data. so you can sort as you required by excel.

    Second, for printing as 3 columns like label format. You can use VBA code to print.
    If you do not know VBA code then you can also use formulas and prepare report format.

    Example - use Vlookup formula with the coresponding serial number.

    1) aaaa address city
    2) bbbbb address city
    3) ccccc addess city

    Report Fotmat

    vlookup( 1 , range,no,0) , vlookup( 2 , range,no,0) , vlookup( 3 , range,no,0) ,

    By doing this you can get the required format and also the required sorting type.

    Hope this will help you.



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    Thanks all for your replies.

    I was able to successfully implement Stanley's solution first and that is the one I am using.

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