Create Named Ranges Based On Adjacent Column

  • I have the companies in column "A" and run macro to insert row when the company name changes.

    Now I would like to name their range of data using their company name in column "A" . Column "C" will always be the right hand side of the range. The number of rows could be as high as 100.

    Would like range to be called "ALPHA" and be for range B2:C2
    APLPHA A123 20

    Next Company Baker, Range B4:C6

    BAKER B234 10
    B345 0
    B456 15

    Next Company Charlie, Range B8:C9

    CHARLIE C567 25
    C678 2

  • Re: Create Named Ranges Based On Adjacent Column

    Hi John,

    You weren't clear in your post as to whether you are needing anything beyond just wanting to create a named range.

    So, just highlight the range of cells and then press the Ctrl+F3 keys and give the range a name when the Define Name dialog box opens. Repeat this for each of the companies for which you want a named range.

    There are many worthy reads on named ranges, dynamic named ranges in this forum. Just search on these those terms.

    Post back with more clarity om what you're wanting to do if the above answer is not what you need and include a sample workbook.

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