Pivot Table changing sum values using VB

  • I have a pivot table that i am trying to copy out to another sheet.

    A note of clarification.
    My variables are used in the sum field - I have 70 different columns of data, that I want to use in combination one column field and one row field. So each time I'm changing the sum calculated by add a new sum and remove the previous one.

    I've tried to record the procedure to highlight a new variable and remove the previous. However it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions gratefully received.

    I enclose my code below.

  • Re: pivot tables turning variables on off

    Giorgio, is there any specific reason why you posted the same thread twice within 9 minutes of each other? I am locking the other thread for the time being to prevent anyone answering an older version of your question...


    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand Binary and those that dont. :P

    Why are Halloween and Christmas the same? Because Oct 31 = Dec 25... ;)


  • Re: pivot tables turning variables on off

    I was editing the response to show what excels macro recorder suggested.
    Sorry for any confusion caused.

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