Vba Explorer Form Login In Script Part#2

  • Ok, I posted simplistic code to log into i-google or other page. http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80955

    Problem is after testing I found that some pages never reach an IE ready state of 4, and only 3. Thus I tweaked the code so it auto toggles back to 3 and added DOM object detection to ensure proper object selection. Enjoy. Was geekin out a little, sorry.

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  • Re: Vba Explorer Form Login In Script Part#2

    Hi ExcelJunky,

    This script looks like something I really need :) but how do I use it?

    Do I have to copy the code into a new .php-file, filling in the correct variables and then upload/ftp it onto my server/domain?

    My knowledge is pretty basic, but with a little help and/or some tips I always seem to make scripts like this work like they should ;)

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