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  • I am trying to create a summary sheet that will look on certain worksheets based on on a cell.

    For example:
    If cell E1 equals 10-Oct-30 then it will pull data from tab 'End Oct 30'

    I would prefer to use a formula for this calculations. to aid in another persons potential use. A custom function would be OK.

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  • Re: Create Cell To Sheetname Reference


    Make sure E1 holds the value "End Oct 30" or whatever the sheet is actually named - it makes things far simpler. You can then use INDIRECT to pull in values from the referenced sheet in E1 eg:

    =INDIRECT("'" & $E$1 & "'!A1")

    to pull in the value in cell A1 of the sheet referred to in E1.


  • Re: Create Cell To Sheetname Reference


    I was working on a similiar formula I found doing a search, but for some reason that one didnt click like your did. Much Appreciated.

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