Check Column Of Dates Against System Date And Send E-mail If Match

  • Hi there.
    Hope my thread title was ok!
    I have a worksheet with a list of date's on which different jobs are to be completed.
    These dates are in a column and they are each meant for different users.
    These users have their e-mail addresses stored in another cell on the same row as their relevant date of completion is.
    I need a macro that will run continuously (will have this file open on a server) and consistently (once a day) check the system date against the dates in the column E and if the dates match then send an e-mail to the email address in the respective cell of column L.
    I have looked everywhere and found similiar cases but none quite the same.

    I have attatched a screenshot of the relevant columns.
    Any help would be much appreciated :)


  • Re: Check Column Of Dates Against System Date And Send E-mail If Match

    This is a marcro I have made for universal information.
    A1. First Name
    B1. Last Name
    C1. Email Address
    D1. Begin Date
    E1. Present Date
    F1. Formula for Yes to send. Must copy down
    G.1 Sent is inserted if email was sent.
    H1. Date and time sent
    I1. Subject line. "Annual Physical"
    I2. First part of Body. "Hi"
    i3. Body:
    I4. Date 31 days from present date.

    To run it must have a "yes"in column "F" and no "Sent" in Column "G"
    Remove the "sent" to run again to test.

    I have it to display so you can verify the information before its sent.

    The blue button runs the macro and the red one will pull up a calender. When you click on a date it will enter that date in the selected cell.

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