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  • First of all thanks for all your help! I work at a nonprofit and we have a spreadsheet that has a person's name (Cell A1), person's email address (Cell B1), and date they need get their yearly physical (Cell C1).

    What I would like is if today's date equals the date that they need to get their yearly physical send an email that says:

    Hi (Insert Name)!

    It is time for your yearly physical. Please complete this by (30 days from today's date).


    Is this possible? If so, if one of you could provide the instructions on how to set this up, I would eternally greatful!


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    I have a similiar issue.
    Whilst im not entirely sure on the VBA version of the pseudocode I have a general idea of what needs to go on and its just a matter of going about translating it!

    Unfortunately I have never really worked closely with VBA and am not sure about the syntax. If any one could help out i'm sure both our issues would be solved.

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    This is a marcro I have made for universal information.
    A1. First Name
    B1. Last Name
    C1. Email Address
    D1. Begin Date
    E1. Present Date
    F1. Formula for Yes to send. Must copy down
    G.1 Sent is inserted if email was sent.
    H1. Date and time sent
    I1. Subject line. "Annual Physical"
    I2. First part of Body. "Hi"
    i3. Body:
    I4. Date 31 days from present date.

    I don't know how to convert the date in the Email to post the month. For example I would like it to be February 5, 2008.

    Perhaps someone can help on this issue.

    To run it must have a "yes"in column "F" and no "Sent" in Column "G"
    Remove the "sent" to run again to test.

    I have it to display so you can verify the information before its sent.

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