Spreadsheet Best Practice For Reporting

  • Hi
    Sorry to ask such a general question, but I have been asked by a company to recommend ways for them to streamline the way in which they produce reports. They have around 2,500 spreadsheets with many links between them. They are moving to a SQL database system in the future, but want to know how they can improve their Excel reporting in order to buy some time for their analysts to allow them to help in the migration to SQL server.

    Most of the spreadsheets are a mess with links to other spreadsheets that are linked to many others…… There are very few (if any) macros involved.

    Does any one have any general suggestions on how to take the mess of workbooks and improve them so that monthly and quarterly reports don’t take three times as long to produce as they need to.

    Again I apologise for the vagueness of the question.


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