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  • Hello, I got some vb code from these forums to use with excel. But, I'm not sure how to run the code in excel. Here is the link to the topic:

    Basically, I too need to move text to other cells within excel. The code listed is exactly what I need, but I can't figure out how to run it in excel. I'm not an excel expert or vb expert obviously. Thanks for your time!

  • Re: Vb Code

    Welcome to Oz, but if "VB Code" is your idea of a descriptive thread title, you may want to read the rules again.

  • Re: Vb Code

    If you're using Office 2007, you would go to the Developer tab (see the Help section in Excel if this does not appear) and click on the Macros button. From there, you can select the Macro and click Run or Options. If you click Options, a popup will appear, in which you can designate a hotkey combination (note that it is case-sensitive, so Ctrl+Shift+A is different from Ctrl+A). Generally speaking, if you use this method, it is best to use Ctrl+Shift+<letter> just because any hotkey combination you assign overrides the hotkey combination built into Office.
    As another option, you can place an object (such as a box or picture) in the worksheet, right click on the object, and assign a macro. Then the macro will run whenever you click the object.

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