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  • Hi there.

    I've been stuggling on this one for a while so hopefully someone can help:

    Basically, I have a table of data (see attached file) and I have created a graph of that data. I need to find out the equation of that graph but the trendlines in excel don't seem to fit. Is there any way to determine the exact equation of the line either through the graph or the raw data table?



  • Re: Determine Equation Of Data Tableor Graph

    "Exact" doesn't have much meaning when it comes to curve fitting.

    Just by looking at the shape, something that includes an inverse tangent function could be fit to your data, but the increase from x=0 to x=24 is anomalous.

    Or, since you have 16 points, there is a 15th order polynomial that fits those points exactly, but probably has wild oscillations in between.

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