Close Workbook If Macros Not Enabled

  • Hello,
    I have after buying David and Raina Hawley's book, Excel Hacks, implemented their password protection (Hack 130) in one of my workbook. However it has one downside that I wonder if there is a way to trap this. When I or someone else than me opens the workbook then excel displays a Security Warning that this workbook contains macros. If I choose Disable Macros then anyone can see my work. Is there a way to shut down the workbook if someone chooses to open the workbook without macros?

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  • Re: Password Protection Fails

    In short, no.

    The most common workaround to this is to set all worksheets except one to VeryHidden upon saving the file, and only unhide the sheets if the user inputs a correct password upon startup.

    The remaining visible sheet should contain some sort of instructions to enable macros.

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