Overlay 2 Charts

  • Hi all,

    Using Excel 2007

    I am trying to overlay 2 identical charts
    On the first chart I set all items to 100% Transparency except for the line and the area charts

    On the 2nd chart (exact replica) I did just the oppposite leaving all axes, gridlines, etc.. visible and made the area and line charts transparent

    I then right clicked the 2nd chart and brought it forward
    I then copied the first chart and pasted it to cell F11

    I then copied the 2nd chart and pasted it to cell F11

    The outcome was not what I was looking for
    I would like the charts to retain all coloring and for the gridlines to appear in front of the line and area charts

    What did I do wrong?


  • Re: Overlay 2 Charts

    Thanks Daniel,

    Works great!
    Interesting that dragging one chart on top of the other works, but copy/paste does not

    Thanks for the help

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