VBA: Message boxes

  • Hi Richie

    Thanks for this - I was starting to think that it probably wasn't possible. I will have a go with the user form.


  • Hi,, since this seems to be on the subject of user form, does anyone have a sample user form to show what exactly they do?? I have heard so much about them but can't picture what I can do w/ a user form??? Thanks!

  • jjst34,

    They are generally regarded as a userfriendly way to capture inputs to a spreadsheet, especially one's set up like a database...think of them a bit like a form in Access, or any database you use where you are required to input data...

    They can be used to find, add, edit, delete records (and a whole host of other things such as fliss here was asking - i.e. just to give a user information)...

    I have sent you an example file


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