Formulas: If function - largest number of If's in the f

  • I cannot seem to find any reference to the maximum number of If's that can be used in the If function. The following Excel example shows what I mean by this: There are 4 If functions "rolled/nested" into one: =IF(A2>89,"A",IF(A2>79,"B", IF(A2>69,"C",IF(A2>59,"D","F"))))

    I used to think the maximum number to be 7. Is this correct?

    If it is not, how far can I go?

    If it is, how may I stretch it to 21?



  • You're right thinking it's 7 nested levels Harry.

    A UDF using a Select Case statement can be used for more levels if you like, or if you explaing your issue better, perhaps VLOOKUP or MATCH might be better...


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