Refresh Pivot Table Where Source From Closed Workbook

  • I have a pivot table in spreadsheet A.

    I have some formulas in another spreadsheet B.

    The formulas look up data in the pivot table in A and use that data in B to return and answer.

    Is there a way to refresh the pivot table in A from B without having to open A and refresh the table?

    Hope that makes sense.


  • Re: Pivot Table Refresh

    Hi Claire

    Without opening the spreadsheet containing the pivot table, no you can't refresh the Pivot Table data. What you could perhaps do is create a macro to automate the process of opening/refreshing the pivot table workbook. From where does the Pivot Table get its data from? Is it a worksheet range in the pivot table workbook? If so, does this range get populated by links to another workbook/external data range?


  • Re: Pivot Table Refresh

    Hi Richard,
    the pivot table gets its data from a range that is not in the pivot table work book but work book C.

    Its basically a time sheet. Work book C has a lit of jobs worked on on different days and the time worked on the jobs.

    The pivot table then collates this data to add up the times for each job.

    Work sheet B then takes the data from the pivot table and works out a fee for each job.

    Work sheet B looks at numerous pivot tables from numerous employees to get the total time worked on that job so it can be very time consuming to open up each pivot table and refresh it so that work sheet B can et the current times!

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