Congratulations to Tom on hitting 1000

  • Derk, Dennis,

    Thank You. And also Thank You to all of you here on Ozgrid who make this place so worthwhile and fun to visit. :biggrin:

    Although at present I'm in that state of limbo -- where the post counter and the Stats Page counter disagree on the precise Number of posts (the Stats Page is two higher ... I don't have a clue as to which is correct) I'll accept your conratulations although this post will (I expect) display 999 until I post again.

    Reflecting on the past several months of OzGrid, I am repeatedly amazed at how much Excel and VBA I've learned by reading and posting here. In contrast to the more typical "Policy" that Will posted a few days ago, I find that OzGrid displays the truly effective (and unspoken) policy that really allows an organization to Excel (in all definitions of the word) ...

    When No One Cares Who Gets the Credit.

    Sure, we all credit each other frequently, but OzGrid is amazingly free of those out for their own glory. This really makes it a great place to frequent and to learn.

    Thanks especially to all of the site Admins who have made OzGrid available to us users.


  • Congrats Tom !
    :sing: :cheers:
    :sing: :cheers:
    :sing: :cheers:
    :sing: :cheers:
    :sing: :cheers:
    :sing: :cheers:
    :sing: :cheers:

    BTW.... Jack & I always felt the dog issue had something to do with the member status, but could never quite work it out... ??? Now it seems that your experience proved the theory.. (heh... still none the wiser on how else to solve it!)... Sure we had the same issue with Roobarb but making Andy MVP solved that... weird...

    Thanks for all your posts anyway buddy.


  • Happy 1000 Tom
    I have enjoyed reading your post and greatly appreciate the help I have received from you and all of the other Adminds

    "The problem with designing vba code completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of a complete fool."

  • Congratualtions Tom! Always enjoy reading and learning from your posts. Thanks for helping to make this forum a great place to learn.


  • Tom-

    Great job!
    :congrats: :congrats:


    originally posted by thomach
    Reflecting on the past several months of OzGrid, I am repeatedly amazed at how much Excel and VBA I've learned by reading and posting here.

    You are a big part of the reason that this type of learning can take place. I have picked up a number of tips reading your posts. Thanks for being so kind to help everyone learn. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Tom its your friend for London i must post with pride and pass my personal thanks to you and also from ever member here on OzGrid.

    I agree with all you have posted here and yes you are a key part to the reason to why OzGrid is as you say, with guys like you and their are many Jack and i know all the other seniors have a fun and easy life running this place for everyone, and that’s the point we are family for all and that means all doing their own thing there way and a guy simply being themselves exactly as they are not hidden stuff of airs and graces.

    I am yet to find a forum on the web that has such members as OzGrid but on that front no one can or has reported one, so on your 1000th post congratulations and many have been an inspiration to me and yes i to have picked up much for your kindness and input that you have always given.

    Hey still love the birthday post you kicked off was funny and turned out to be a good giggle, something we don’t do often and that makes it a little bit more special for many members to have a little fun and everyone being welcome to join in,

    Take care Tom and congratulations, and hey a dog,,,, Ghost_ things ah !!!


  • Doh, for some reason I was 'Anonymous', so once again (only this time in bold).....

    WTG Tom :dance2:


    EDIT] Hmmm, as Brandtrock just pointed out:
    "Someone has Whacked my Weasel!" :smokin:

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Pesky Weasel
    There is a very special bond between a man and his weasel! :biggrin:

    Steady on - this is a family site you know! ;;)

    Tom - many congratulations. Its great to have you here as one of the 'regulars'. :cheers:

  • Congratulations, Tom. Thanks for all the help, and making this a great and enjoyable place to visit/learn.


    I can't dance or sing, but I can :guitar:

    (to go with your new dog :cat: ) :coolwink:

    Software: OpenOffice 3.0/NeoOffice 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Humanware: Older than dirt

    Old, slow, and confused - but at least I'm inconsistent!

    (retired Excel 2003 user, 3.28.2008)

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