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  • Hey, guys newbie here so please go easy! We are starting a biggest loser weight loss deal here at work and I was wanting to put it on a spreadsheet. Probably a pretty easy deal, but I don't know the formula to use. this is what I want:

    Joes start weight 200 minus week ones weight, then the original 200 minus week 2's weight and so on till week 8.

    I want to keep a running total of weight lost in pounds as well as percentage.

    Any help would be great!!

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    Jugsy, welcome to Ozgrid, a quick word of warning, the rules here are strictly adhered to and a moderator may ban you from posting because your thread title doesnt explain what you are after, you need to go to Thread Tools and edit thread to change the title perhaps to Gains and Loss Calculations including percentages? or something along those lines, the reason for the strict thread title is for search purposes, had you typed thos particular words in the search box it will bring all those threads matching it giving you a perhaps faster and more varied solution, so it would help others in your situation.

    I am not a moderator at this forum but am at another and know how frustrated folk can get because they have had a post banned or deleted.

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    simon, thanks for the heads up, I apologize to all.

    Darkyam, that is almost exactly what I am looking for, how did you get the number to show up as a percentage in column k?

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