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    Hi All,

    Im stumped on this one, my excel knowledge isnt the greatest!

    I have a sheet (Please see snippet attached) that has thousands of rows of data on it, I’m trying to pull out 4 cells of data for each device number and/or rate.
    The criteria for the search is as follows:-

    Each Device could have more than one rate to a maximum of 4 rates, the majority only have 1 rate.
    The Device Number is the same for all the rates.
    The data for each device number is laid out over a number of rows (again please see attached) the number of rows is different each time dependant on how far back the data goes.
    The first Device Number on the attachment is F84J13156 and this has 3 rows of data, it only has one rate, and to the right of the 3rd row of data I have indicated what information I require returned. Which is as follows:-
    OPENING DATE – is the data taken from the Prev Read Date this data is from the 1st line in the prev read date column for that Device Number
    CLOSING DATE – is the data taken from the Reading Date this data is from the 3rd line in the reading date column for that device number.
    Same applies for the Opening Read and Closing Read these come from the Previous and Current Column in the same fashion as the Dates.
    Once the macro has returned this info I require it to go onto the next Device Number and do the same, and so on and so on until it finishes the sheet!
    Although I don’t know how to create this myself, if anyone could point me in the right direction im sure I could muddle through it and make it work, otherwise it looks like being a all day job to sit and go through the sheet manually.

    Any help would be great.


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