VBA: moving every nth column and pasting the results to a

  • I'm trying to automate 650 tables that are 8R x 9C into a single array for each table.

    What do I have to do to create a macro that starts on a particular line then moves every 13 row?

    any help would be greatfully appreciated.

    I would post a sample bit of the spreadsheet if I could find the attach button

  • Unfortunately, the attachment feature is currently not working. I'm confused about what you want to do. Can you provide more detail? Do you want to make the 8Rx9C array into a 1x72 array or a 72x1 array? Where does 13 come into play?

  • the table is 8r x 9c and repeats 650 times down the page at intervals of 13 rows. I've got a load of spreadsheets to go through and it takes about 10-20 minutes to got through each sheet manually. I'm certain a macro could reduce the boring and repeative bits of this operation.

    Mainly creating the array, copying it down the page, copying the single resulting array to a new sheet.

    The array I'm trying to create is 1 X 72. I would like to copy this new array onto a new sheet with 1 row for each of the 650 tables. I have a small section as a sample 47kb if this helps explain my predicament more clearly.

    thanks for taking the time to respond.

  • Try the following macro. It assumes the tables are on the active sheet. Please post back if I misunderstood the tables layout.

  • thanks for this it sort of answers my question.
    as ever this is like a piece of string.

    the first table of cells I want are
    B503:i503 ... B511:i511

    B516:i516 ... B524:i524


    sorry to be such a pain

  • Ok, try this version.

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