Removing LINKS?

  • I have several spread sheets that have links to each other. I copied these sheets into a new folder named 2004 and cleared all the data, hoping to be able to reuse the form and formulas. The problem is that there are links that I have not been able to remove. Any help would be appreciated. Dan

  • i have had this problem before and what I do, not sure how it works on all versions,, but in XP which I have you go to Edit, links, then choose break links...
    Or, if you don't need some kind of formatting copy all the data on the sheet (ctrl+a) and paste special, values...
    or another case i've had to do is a "find" for ".xls" in the formulas, this will lead you to linked cells also.... and you can just copy/paste the values there as well.. hope this helps!

  • Dan,

    try here Excel Problems, and look at the section on Phantom Links.
    In my experience its almost always named ranges.


  • First make sure that there aren't any formulas that refer to another workbook. You can do this by searching for "[" (no quotes).

    If there aren't any choose Insert|Name|Define and look for names that refer to another workbook. Delete them if you are sure they aren't needed.

    If that doesn't remove the links, choose Edit|Links, click Change Source and point to the active workbook.

    Also have a look at MS KB XL: Delete Links Wizard Available


    <a href="" target="new"><img src=""></a>

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